Does BM3 Rozeta issues extend to other BramBos apps or other AU3 apps in general?

I just recently got Rozeta suite and AUM to host it in. I've just been making live techno jams and having fun but decided to go back to BM3 last night to work on something more structured/arranged. Not using Rozeta obviously but I was using Ruismaker within BM3 and sequencing drums in the piano roll. As I'm playing back midi loops and staring at the piano roll it really seems like I hear drum hits a few miliseconds after the play head goes past that note on the piano roll. It seems like a very consistent latency. When I was testing this I only had one bank that had Ruismaker and no other plug ins or samples running.


  • AUv3 in general is very very flakey in this release of B3, i am avoiding posting tests to show this until the next release because the developers did hint at some fixes for the timing issues.
    After the next release though, i think the community as a whole needs to set up a timing test for AUi/AUfx/AUMIDI plugins, keep a generalised issues thread and also any timing issues created by the plugin itself in the relevant compatibility threads.
    There is a thread over at the AB forum right now that was pointed out to me that shows B3s sampler to be as tight if not tighter than anything else on the IOS platform, and i can tell you from experience that @mathieugarcia will want the AU support to be as close to that as possible (Again we are not there right now)

  • @MSandoval said:
    Do you force-close unused apps running in the background before starting BM3?
    Double-tap the Home Button, swipe up & close all apps you don't need.
    Do this before opening large apps like BM3, Cubasis, Auria, etc.

    Also, to clear memory, hold down the Power button until the "Slide to Power Off" icon appears, let go of the Power button, & Press & Hold the Home button until you are taken back to the Home Screen.

    Also, restarting your iPad can help.

    Also, turn off tasks that run 'hidden' in the background, such as Mail Fetching, Siri, Notifications, etc.

    Make sure you save any work in open apps before you clear memory, etc.

    AU MIDI is new, and Apple needs to iron out all of the details and let developers know those details :) . Bram Bos apps are among the most reliable on iOS. I occasionally experience the issues you described and clearing the iPad's memory fixes it. There are a lot of background tasks running on an Operating System, and they tend to disrupt MIDI first. Happens on the desktop too. o:)

    I think we may need to set up a small general IOS FAQ for posts like that, definitely some good info here.

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    While BM3 is doing most of what I need it to at present and it’s great to see tight timing with the sampler (my most used component), this ‘next update’ is slowly moving (over a long time period!!) into mythical fantasy territory in my mind.

  • Hope there’ll be a fix soon, that allow the use of the great SetPolyArp plugin.

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    Hate to be one of those people but ... I’m itching to use Rozeta in BM3. Hoping we are going to get some relief and news soon ... ?

  • We are aaaalllll hoping the same. =)

  • Bram’s apps are rock solid, the issue is with BM3. Still waiting for BM3 update to fix the issue with Rozeta.

  • I’m about to sell my iPad so I can get a better price for it before the new ones get announced next month. And I bet the 3.1 update will drop in the few weeks that I don’t have it, before I get the new released one. That will be kinda frustrating. Third world problems though and all that.

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