Audio Evolution DAW possibly just leap-frogged some of the competition

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New AU Midi update to this lesser-known DAW means it has just leapfrogged several of its competitors.

Aug 31, 2018 Version 2.0.2

  • Added support for AU MIDI plug-ins
  • Added virtual MIDI input port
  • Tempo sync did not work for AUv3 effects. Solved.
  • IAA and AUv3’s are now sorted by name
  • The Roli Seaboard Block did not work. Solved.
  • Channel pressure is now recorded on MIDI input, unless switched off in the preferences
  • Solved issue with SynthMaster One AU
  • Added support for the Files app in iOS11

If you consider it also offers full bus routing, cross-fades, time stretch AND Toneboosters IAPs it's looking quite tasty... am I right @5pinlink ? ;)

... they do need a better promo vid however!!


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    Yeah, this is THE most mature DAW on IOS, while it seems like it has only been around a year or so, it was around for a few years before that on Android and the developer spent a fair bit of time in the Reaper forum basically nailing it as the mobile DAW for Reaper users, so you can imagine, advanced feature set.
    Not only that but this DAW actually predates Reaper/Ableton/Bitwig etc, in fact it is likely that only the original Cubase and Logic (Notator) possibly FLS when it was a 320x240 drum machine, pre date this because this started out life on the Amiga ;) (that version still has a site and is available, it is still rated as the defacto standard DAW on OS4)

    So yeah, all that combined with some Toneboosters action, this is the DAW on IOS to be mixing down your stems, if it gets V4 TBs, damn !!!!!!

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    Oh PS, this developer is actually a bit special, the audio was so poor on Android, he wrote his own USB audio stack to replace it, that is no mean feat in and of itself ;)

  • Did it used to be free?

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    The pro upgrade has always been an IAP, but the basic version was free a while back. The price seems to be creeping up as the features are added (and rightly so)

  • Yeah it was fremium, and the basic version was basic haha, the price hasn't changed that much to be honest, but an initial payware app has a higher market impact, unless you are Korg/Novation etc and then you can throw money at it in terms of advertising or advertising clout for coverage, and the all time classic that Novation and IK absolutely live by, flooding forums with posts by 'Helpful staffers' just before and after an IAP release hahaha, its funny how many people fall for it "Great support" lol

  • @MSandoval said:
    Its new support for AU MIDI plugins works well, except that they aren't recalled when opening a saved Project.
    Still buggy with a clunky interface, but it does get updated constantly. Could it be the longest WIP in audio software history?
    BM3 feels like a bleeding-edge B2 Bomber, Audio Evo feels like a modernized B-52. Plus his website needs some security.

    I don’t understand the analogy with the bombers ?

  • FYI - another fairly sizeable update just dropped for this DAW, which now includes AUv3 parameter automation.

    For those interested, go check the app store page for full update details

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    @tk32 I'm sorry but is this a passive aggressive attempt to shame intua to releasing 3.1???

  • Haha


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    In fact, that's it...

    "I'm done." >:)

  • I think i need to post less, i'm turning in to a meme !!

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