BM3 Battle 13 - All entries - Mefisme is the winner (Entry G)

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The Winner is Mefisme - Entry G

Here are the entries for monthly battle #13, where the challenge (set by reigning champ @TONBOGIRI ) was to remix or reimagine Robotkid's 'Engineering' track from the soundtrack to classic PC game System Shock 2.

If you're listening to this Robotkid, we hope you like what we've done with the track (and apologies in advance for mine ;) )

For more about this challenge, check out the original post:

Voting is now closed (see results above)

the entries...

Entry B

Entry G

Entry J

Entry S

Entry N

Entry W

Entry H (late entry)


  • Damn, these are wicked good! Big ups to the 6!

  • Amazing. Voted.

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    Late entry, if you are voting for this, just post here, the pole wont update unless it is restarted ;)

  • Well done everyone. Another difficult vote! I've played through the playlist of submissions 4 times now and still don't know which is my fav yet

  • Great job! Good luck to everyone that submitted a track!

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    Super cool stuff! These go well with Redline...

  • Im going with the late entry

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    Ok, so after 24 hours we have 13 votes... and every entry has attracted at least 1 admirer (including the late entry)

    I wonder which track will manage to separate from this close race and claim the win in the next, and final, 24 hours of voting.


  • Has Robotkid voted yet @TONBOGIRI ?

  • @tk32 said:
    Has Robotkid voted yet @TONBOGIRI ?

    I don't know boss. I invited him. Up to him. :*

  • I’ll place a vote for the new late track. Kinda funky.

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    You guys like keeping this one close, lol.

    Every track has now received 2 votes, and G is narrowly taking the lead with 3.

    What will happen in the final ~10 hours

  • Damn, that was close.

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    Congrats @mefisme Righteous tunes brah. Both are complex, technically brilliant!

  • Wow, this Battle's SoundCloud was updated within hours with the member names!
    I wonder what happened with the previous Battle, when it took a month?

  • Congrats @mefisme!

    Stoked I got 2nd 😂 on my 1st time entering. Will try to find some time later today to share some insights in how I made my silly track.

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    @TONBOGIRI said:
    Wow, this Battle's SoundCloud was updated within hours with the member names!
    I wonder what happened with the previous Battle, when it took a month?

    I was busy, sorry

  • Anyone want to talk about their track? Or say 'Hi'? B)

    Curious about the guitar in J, formant-like timbres in B, grit on the BD in S, sample or synth at 0:50 in N, snare rushes in W, mixing & FX in H?

    BTW, I was late in responding to RobotKid, & haven't heard back. My fault, got trapped at the office, and other excuses; I probably should have handed it off to tk32 earlier.

  • Hey thanks for posting your video @ronji Good stuff. Such a clean mix!
    Slice Mode is the 'undiscovered country' for me in BM3. I don't know why I still do slicing manually, but picked up a few tips from the vid.
    Also the 4Pockets Analyzer's plugin looks like a godsend, but still don't have it (or Pro-Q2). Thanks again!

  • Here’s a lil overview of my simple unfinished track (which I originally posted in the wrong thread)! Let me know if I left anything out.

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