Latency issues driving me crazy

Hi I'm new to the community I bought a iPad pro 11 inch and sold my MacBook pro. I thought the iPad pro would be strong enough for my mobile production needs , turns out it's been nothing but a headache . If I use More than 1 instance of a AU I get all kinds of CPU spikes , but since I've downloaded the new beta it has stabilize a bit .. also I'm getting latency issues using the on screen pad and my USB midi keyboard. I really love bm3 I actually like it for production better than logic and that says a lot ... So I have a few questions are there any settings I can do to my iPad to make it play nice with bm3? Why can't I set my buffer to 64 it always changes when I go to another tab , and will getting a external sound card help with my audio issues? I really don't wanna have to go back to the MacBook pro it's not looking good ATM thanks for any advice


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