Do I leave downloaded packs in imports? Easy way to organize files A few other similar questions

So I downloaded a pack and structure is like this Bank Presets/BambooFlute/bamboo.bmk3 and another folder called samples/ with some sounds.
So do I leave it this way or put the bank presets under bm3 ‘s bank presets folder? Also I have 808’s and snares kicks etc when downloaded to bm3 everything goes to imports. I see you can move things around. But isn’t this going to get difficult? I did see something called forum but haven’t looked into yet. I think it solves some of these problems for individual sounds.


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    I recommend always keeping IAP banks (like your Bamboo flute example) in their original location.

    As for imported samples, it’s fine to leave them in the ‘Imports’ folder when you’re first starting out - but sooner or later you will want to start using a better organisation system.

    When that happens, I recommend watching @5pinlink ‘s two YouTube videos on housekeeping. But I personally don’t recommend that to new users until they have at least a few months experience.

  • Anything that's a Bank Preset needs that .bmk3 file and the accompanying samples folder so always keep those two together. As far as samples you've downloaded yourself you can move them into whatever folders make sense for you. Just try to label everything as best you can.

  • Bank files and corresponding sample folders dont have to be together.
    I would suggest any purchases from the store be left as they are unless you really know what you are doing.

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