Saxophone app

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Anyone know if one exists? I love sax especially Rompler ones lol. Silkie is the sax master. I use to put sax all over my tunes. I want try incorporating it again. :smiley:


  • Sensual Sax. It’s AUv3, too.

  • @MrFlowRx said:
    Sensual Sax. It’s AUv3, too.

    Nice man. I'll check it out!!!

  • Wow sounds pretty dope. Has both sort of Rompler style and more realistic modes.

  • Just bought this. Wayne Shorter watch out lol.

  • @The_Bro said:
    Just bought this. Wayne Shorter watch out lol.

    Hahaha nice! Enjoy, and remember: DO [NOT] ABUSE THE SEX KNOB.😉

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    Yeah.. there are reports that overworking your sex knob can sometimes make it drop off.

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    iFretless sax is super realistic and the controls give it a human feel. This demo dude isn’t playing it right though lol

  • iFretless sax isn't AUv3 yet, but I believe it's coming eventually. It took them a while and they missed some estimated release times, but iFretless bass was made AUv3, and I'm fairly sure I saw them say they're going to make all of the iFretless instruments AUv3 ready

  • Anyone had difficulty loading Sensual Sax as IAA in BM2? I know I'm sort of going backwards lol but I still use BM2 as I do enjoy the workflow. I sort of mix it up between BM3 and BM2 ha ha.

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