Anyone using bluetooth headphones with BM3?



  • @tk32 said:
    Glad to have you aboard @ampapps - hope you don't mind if we take advantage of your wealth of experience and pick your brains from time to time...

    Thank you!

    I worked in the field between ‘79-‘02. A portion of which was mostly video production. I was relief technician at Criteria Studios, Miami FL in the late 80’s. Also a freelance studio engineer and had a partner in building a small MIDI hybrid studio in Miami centered around Personal Composer software on an IBM XT clone slaved to a TASCAM 8 track reel to reel. That introduced me to using a computer to make music and I’ve loved it ever since. Did a lot of live front of house throughout. These days I really love iOS music technology and music making. BM2 blew me away when I saw what it could do on an iPad 1g.

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    I have cordless Beats Solos and they work fine during much of the creation process when a bit of lag is acceptable, otherwise I can plug them in. Also Im not sure what changed but the lag improved considerably over the past year.

    @ampapps so as a professional... whats your craziest cocaine story of Miami in the 80s?

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