automation control for perforator

I've noticed that the Perforator AU3 plugin isn't responding to the track automations i've setup.

Perforator sits on an Audio track and I'm trying to automate about 6 parameters, but when i draw in the lines on track automation, switch back to the plugin and press play, all of the effected parameters just flip to 0 and stay there and no sound is being affected at all.

Is this something others have noticed?

I was thinking there could be a work around, maybe I could assign the controls of Perforator to the macro controls and apply automation to the macro, is this even possible?

There's a few ways I can think of moving forward to get the sounds I need, but the way I'm thinking of doing it next would take an incredible amount of time to achieve.

Can anyone recommend an easy workaround, maybe using Macros?


  • Ok, seemed to have found an issue. Someone posted previously that the zMors app was affecting automation. I've not got, nor had, zMors on the project, but i do have a number of instances of Pro-Q2. I've just deleted these instances, I also deleted perforator from the project. I then loaded Perforator back onto the FX and now the automation is working.

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