Sample jack - y dont they have more packs to buy.

Am i the only one thats wondering y BM3 dudes havent realeased a sample pack since like the day I’ve bought it 1 year + ago. And I admit BM3 got me to buy all of the. Pretty much cuz that was the start of my whole journey and needed sounds to play with. But ever since that nothing. BM3 is only place I’ve Bought sample packs from cuz but I bet id be likely to buy more if they had them. It’s just so easy. And honestly I want to as them if they would take my two kits and two loop kits 64 Concussions per kit... wouldn’t even charge. Actually I’d charge$ 3.33 cuz 33 is my digit # lol but I’m gonna post a video of me going through my savanna drum loop kit of mine, all me, abusing beats is a life style, There’s domesticate violence in my crib all da time lol


  • I’ll give you samples from my personal stash. Whatchu looking for?

  • It's confounding that BM3 has to be one of the most-used (and most-powerful) multi-samplers on the planet, yet none of the major sample houses make multi-sampled instruments for it. Imagine if BM3 got the massive 3rd-party sample library support that Kontakt or the Akais have. A few shops showed interest with the loose samples they sell, but Intua wasn't interested.

    And none of the major sample converters support BM3. (KitMaker won't work here).

    It's a mind-boggling, missed opportunity.

    If you've experience at creating and maintaining websites, and have time to manually create BM3 Bank Presets, or know folks with experience creating sample libraries, then you should be the first.

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