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Hey all!

There was some discussion in the BM3 discord chat about file management and it’s current implementation causing issues for some users such as samples missing, corrupt projects, etc.

There are excellent tutorial videos providing best practices on how to manage files in BM3 (part one here & part two here). Highly suggest these they will help!


I thought I would add to this by providing my alternative _ New Session.bm3 file and _ Sessions folder.

What is it?

At first glance, this is nothing more than an empty project folder & file. I simply pretend there is ** NOT ** a New Session at BM3 startup and ** NEVER ** use the New Session built into BM3. I work out of custom folders as many others do!

Why use this?

You don’t have to, but by using this prebuilt folder and .bm3 file, it bypasses any auto saving to the Unsaved Sessions folder (where most will lose their files).

The folder acts as one master unsaved session. It collects recordings from audio tracks/resampling just like any other unsaved session. It will also collect any edited samples just like any other unsaved session. The folder will always have only one unsaved (autosave) .bm3 file if you forget to save. No messy dated folders!

You can build templates to use for different types of projects. There’s a couple tools to build dummy macros/modulations rather than loading samples and then building these. This is just a dummy WAV file.

The empty bank included is actually an custom Beatmaker 2 bank in disguise. More on this later...

It’s named with an underscore at the beginning for organization purposes. Mainly so you know your using it, not the built in folders. It will also act as a top hierarchy folder in BM3.

Enough me rambling....if you want to use it just import and move the entire folder to the main directory in BM3.

Download link:


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