Ability to assign "start" & "end" points to macros in sample editor

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  • YAS! And velocity :)

  • @hansjbs said:

    @mathieugarcia said:


    +1000 and also real-time adjustment of loop parameters which as I've understood it would require some re-writing of the built-in audio engine or something...

    Heck, just copy the way the Digitakt handles samples. Add a 'sample pool' to the session and let each pad/instrument access any sample in the pool. (And then use the step-modulator to chain 'pool samples' to create wave-sequences, re-arrange slices etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.).

    But most of all fix the 'issues' that the lemon 3.0.12 update brought with it like for some strange reason input-monitoring gets disabled when recording samples...

    To be totally honest after the input monitoring (among other things) got 'broken' in 3.0.12 I've not been using BM3 as much as I would have liked to...

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