Beatmaker 3 + Presonus Atom Controller.. Doesnt work?

The Atom midi controller doesnt seem to record properly, video attached.

The Atom midi controller feels like the best portable midi pad option available right now IMHO. However it doesnt seem to work with Beatmaker 3.
I can map everything fine and its very responsive and I can play drums and samples on it perfectly. But when it comes to actually recording anything, something goes wrong. It often won't record notes I play (even though they clearly were triggered in the software) and a lot of the time when it does happen to record some of the notes, you won't be able to hear them until you stop the pattern and then press play again.
This issue does not exist when I play on the ipad screen pads directly, nor does it happen when I plug in my Akai MPD218 pad controller. The MPD218 almost was exactly what I wanted but unfortunately has issues with double triggering notes. The Atom has amazing pads, has a ton of controls and is even more compact than the 218! I'd really love to use it but for some reason I cant get it working and cant find ANY info on people using it with Beatmaker 3.

Here is a video I made of the issue I am talking about.

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