what is that house organ sound?

very often you can hear a specific „house kind of organ sound“ in drum and bass and electronic music tracks.
In the synth massive from native instruments there was a wavetable called colour, you can hear the wavetable here (video should start automatically at 13:56 minutes, that is where you hear the sound)


i have a single cycle wavetable pack, but there is nothing like this included..
Does anyone know what wavetable that is?is this a chord playing?is there a synth on ios that has this kind of sound, or a way to programm something like this on a regular synth (stagged sin kind of waves maybe?)
thank you, this sound is kind of popular, i think you should know what i mean🙂



  • Sounds like Korg M1...

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    @estebano - I'm confident that with a little practice and experimentation you will be able to recreate the sound from the Massive video inside BM3.

    The thing to remember is that most of these 'organ' sounds are created by layering simple sinewaves and tuning each layer differently.

    Here is a brilliant demonstration by 5pinlink showing how you can recreate a drawbar organ sound using 9 sinewave layers:

  • nice,
    i just loaded a sin wave, put polyphony up and played some 7 th chords aaand that is the sound👏👏
    thanks a lot!

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