Copy a Bank

Can I copy a bank? If not, can someone suggest what I can do in this scenario:

I have a bank I’ve created which contains 42 chops. Right now I have a performance from this bank that takes up one track in my sequence. How do I do more tracks from this bank? I can’t seem to copy the bank for a new track, I can’t seem to make a new track from this bank besides the one I’m using. What am I missing here? I just want to make a new track aka new performance from this bank, besides the track/ performance that I currently have. I guess the MPC equivalent would be making a new sequence using the same sounds. Thanks you!


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    Although it's not currently possible to create multiple tracks (or sequences) for a single bank, there are several other ways to achieve this in bm3.

    (For the following instructions, let's assume the bank you have already created is called Bank A)

    Option 1
    Export Bank A and reload it into Bank B. This gives you two identical copies of the bank, and therefore 2 track lanes.

    Option 2
    Create a blank Bank B, then individually copy/paste each pad from Bank A to Bank B.

    Option 3
    I'm still thinking about this one... Check back soon.

    Now onto the topic of your username..

    It's rude, childish, and disregards the rules of the forum. Please suggest a more meaningful and friendly alternative for me to change it to, otherwise I will pick one for you.

  • Thank you for your help. Wow that is seriously absurd that you can’t create more than one track per bank. Can’t think of a single app or daw that is so limiting. My mind is blown 😑. I would just revert to BM2, but that’s buggy on my new iPad.

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    Another option is to stack multiple patterns on the same bank in the song sequencer, but I wouldn’t recommend it as things quickly get messy.

    About that username... did you read my comment above?

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