Tip for killing IAA/AU zombies stuck in memory (iPads with Home button)

I don't know why I'm posting this, but anyways...

If your not sure if you have an IAA/AU app stuck in iPad memory and certain it isn't loaded as a plugin in any app (including BM3) or certain it is not running in the background (app switcher) you can easily clear memory from iPads with a home button.

Hold power, when power screen shows, hold home button. When your iPad returns to the homescreen the process is complete. This will flush your memory. 👍
Peace out!


  • Yep. That is one of the most useful things there is in iOS music making. I do it as a matter of habit after every music session, and I’m convinced it’s a main reason I seem to experience so many fewer problems that others.

    However, I’m concerned that this may no longer be working with iOS 13 / iPadOS. Now when you do that it pops up the passcode screen instead of returning to the home screen. I’m not sure if it’s still resetting the ram or not, but I’m suspicious because I’ve had a few times when the battery reduced drastically even though I did this and my device was idle.

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