AUV3 effects by audio damage Inc slowing/ crashing the app

So I have noticed once I get up around 4 or more audio tracks with 3 or more AUV3 effects attached (specifically by Audio damage inc.) I now can barely play a song or click on any button in the whole app. Seems fine I’m new projects with not tracks or effects, but once I start stacking up effects it is toast! Before, it was a bit slow in how the eq would show sounds but now since the newest Apple IOS update, it is far worse. Once I go In and try to run a song with effects it will basically tank the whole iPad for a while. If I close out, all other apps will be a disaster for a while. I now almost have to stop using effects and just work on bare bones tracks until time of export if it will even let me do so. Seems like songs with the BeatMaker effects run fine. It hates the AUV3 and I need them badly! I can add effects at the end, which is the proper way to produce anyway. But I want to option to work. I can deal with slowness a bit, but non functional will not work. I would rather stay mobile than switch to a desktop daw. Please help me! AUV3 is the future!


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    Hey, I've been testing this issue, which is noticeably worse on iPadOS 13. Only solution I've found is to render the track to audio & delete the troublesome plugins.

    This Test Session was created in iOS 12.4 & was fine until I updated to 13.
    On iPadOS 13.2.2, it's a slideshow on my 2018 iPad 6th Gen (A10; 2GB RAM), but not on my new 2017 Pro 10.5 (A10x; 4GB RAM):
    1. Rozeta Rhythm MIDI AU > sampled drumkit > Replicant > Dedalus
    2. Sampled drumkit > Replicant > Dedalus
    3. Quanta > Kosmonaut
    4. Factory
    5. Bark Filter on Main Output

    By slideshow on my 2018 iPad 6th Gen, I mean the playhead doesn't move smoothly, neither do the mixer's meters, & using the UI is almost impossible. If I remove both Replicant plugins, the issue disappears.

    This issue doesn't occur on the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5, but opening Factory's UI results in much more audio crackles on the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 than the 2018 iPad 6th Gen!!! That’s another topic, but wtf??!!!

    Anyway, NS2 handles AUs really well, so some 'tidying' & optimization for BM3's AU-handling would be appreciated. Plus Apple is aware of several audio issues with 13, but I'm not crossing my fingers for a fix.

  • Just an unrelated fyi - the Audio Damage AUv3 effects s are awfully troublesome in some AU hosts like BM3, but their Quanta synth is one of the most reliable on iOS!!! lol. I've got ~1GB of samples in Quanta, & haven't had any issues whatsoever, even on 13. I wish I could say the same for Sugar Bytes. arrgghh.

  • I appreciate the insight! I see They I can Downgrade to ios12 but the new beat that I made today will be gone. I’m either not using the plugins or just working on bare bones sounds and then dumping tracks to another DAW or totally leaving mobile DAW for good. Just got a new Mac and could run whatever on it. I love the touch screen shit though! It’s rad. Sounds great too. So I’m pretty much screwed with 13.1 huh? And BeatMaker?

  • iPadOS & BM3 should improve, but I’m an optimist. :smiley:

    So for now I use each app according to it’s strengths - BM3 for it’s sampler (which did get several big bug fixes recently), AUM for it’s AU hosting & ability to make perfectly synced audio loops (which I dump into BM3’s sampler), etc.

    You could use IDAM with your Mac + iPad. I’m on Windows & the alternatives are unreliable/no longer supported.

  • Most the AD plugs are JUCE code-based apps no? Could that be causing the issues?

    @StudioES said:
    I'm probably in the minority here, and am not a developer, but the plugins that have given me the most trouble are the JUCE-based apps - at least that's the only common denominator that I've found so far. Multiple-instantiations are especially problematic with these, in my experience.

    Apps using JUCE: K7d, DLYM, Beatformer, Svep, many Audio Damage & Klevgränd...They seem to have various issues in all AU hosts under iOS 11+12.
    Are they fixed under iPadOS beta 13.1? No, they appear to behave worse in 13.2.
    RAM limit per AUv3 may be higher in iPadOS beta 13.1? Sure, but that doesn't seem to help these particular apps. Plus memory-management stinks in 13.2.
    Scroll down:

  • Think I’m going to start dumping my bare tracks with no effects into Logic Pro x from the iPad and just clean up in and mix in there. There is bound to be way more plug in action there. Maybe there will be a way to use the drum pads and hit hat pads on my Mac using the iPad. Guess I will Find out. I’m starting to grow out of the options for mobile plug-ins. It’s surely limited. OR I’m just not hip to hats out there. BeatMaker is my ish. I like To keep things in one place as much as I can. Funny tho, today I chose Certain audio damage AUV3 and they are working fine on 4 separate tracks. It seems like rough rider is the culprit.

  • @Nickjbravo
    Logic Remote - control Logic with your iPad:

    IDAM stands for Inter Device Audio and MIDI - connect your iPad & Mac using a single cable.
    Page 104 of the BM3 Manual:

    @cthulufunk JUCE's RAM-usage seems to be flawed from my testing, though, again, I'm not a dev. Multiple instances of those apps slows my 1GB & 2GB iDevices to a crawl. On my 4GB iPad Pro, it's not as noticeable, but it's there.

  • Dude SO SICK. I’m good. Time to learn a new DAW! And drop 200 more dollars. Lol. Priceless when you nail a project so hard tho. I use splice samples and bust them up into the key pad in BM3 and it’s my fav shit. Hate to eliminate BM3, is super dope. Thanks a lot let me know if you hear anything surrounding the bug fix. I’ll keep looking for updates

  • You see that there is an update for iOS? 13.3? You thinking it will be worse or will it help? Scared to see lol

  • Today's update (13.2.3) doesn't appear to fix anything audio-related.

    btw, the Logic Remote app works for controlling Garageband for Mac too, not just LPX.

    And IDAM works with Garageband for Mac too. Might be working checking out before dropping 200, though LPX is a ridiculous bargain. Too bad I'm on Windows.

  • Looks like side car on the new Catalina os will allow me to run BM3 as a controller direct into in Lpx. Sounds super crazy! Can’t wait.

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