Is it possible to loop part A and then go to part B on cue etc?

I was using a MPC One, but now Im using the iPad instead and like the workflow in Beatmaker 3.
BUT, Im missing one feature. I hope its me that cant find it. Ive tried messing around with Scenes, but it doesnt quite do what I want.

I want to be able to make some parts, fx A B and C. Maybe A will be 8 bars, B will be 16 and C will be 8. Then I want it to be able to loop A until I press at B, and then in the end of A it will go to B.

Is it possible or do I have to buy Korg Gadget to get that kind of options?

I was able to do something similar with the Scenes, but when if the recording of one of the tracks is a bit shorter/longer it wont loop at the same time as the other tracks. I would like to be able to select some bars from the SONG view and call it A, and select some other bars and call it B or something.. :-)

Thanks in advance
Have a nice day!


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