Tutorial - Create the most famous rave sounds

This is sort of a follow up to the resampling the free Beatmaker 3 piano, and shows you that resampling the M1 is pretty much the entire rave scene, these sounds seem to be very much back in fashion right now, so enjoy ;)



  • Once again awesome. So rad to not only learn about BM3 (and it's shortcomings :D) but also about music.

    Can we make a requests? If so, would love to find out how this sound (starts at 1:06) was made.

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    Cheers guys appreciated.
    @huphtur, do you mean the piano sound ?
    If so, believe it or not, it can be done easily with the right piano preset and the right chord off the M1, following the very tutorial above :)
    You may have to filter it or EQ a bit, but you should get there, nearly all house pianos are done in this way.
    The one you linked to is actually sampled from a song called Nitro Deluxe - Lets get Brutal (Which i believe samples a piano chord off some random old Casio home keyboard, Casio home keyboard pianos rock for this stuff by the way) if you want the actual sample that the song you linked has used, just type Nitro Deluxe/Inner City stab in to google, and you will find a sample ;)

  • You sir @5pinlink,

    Got me down a techno hole now. Have so many more questions/requests! You should produce an iOS version of this thing, WOULD BUY!! I even just now bought iM1, against my own promise of not buying IAA apps anymore :(

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    There is actually a MKII of rave generator, I have it for MacOS not sure it is out for Windows yet, It's pretty slick, it has all the stuff from the Roland S330 disks, like the T99 orchestral stab (Ending 1 or 2 its called on the disk, i forget which hahaha) and such.

  • @5pinlink finally found some time to go through a couple of the iM1 presets. Some of those organ sounds sound very very familiar. Even one that sounds like my all time favorite track: Plastic Dreams. Such a cool app.

  • Yeah the M1 resampled is still my favourite sound source haha

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    I'm not going to lie. This tutorial was brilliant. Loads of ideas I can steal from this one ;) and the part about banning pinch zoom, I agree completely :D

    Edit: sampling M1's perc catalogue preset was one of the first things I did when I got BM3. Downpitching and applying chords on various conga sounds produced some strikingly recognisable "tribal techno" sounds that I was well pleased with.
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