Tutorial - Neurofunk Bass (single Cycle)

Another quick single cycle tutorial, this time for a Neurofunk Bass, i just hit record and made it up as i went with this, there are a few missing items natively (Most notably a phaser effect) for Neuro stuff, but it worked well enough to give an idea of some Neuro techniques.



  • Watched your video and was intrigued. Pretty cool idea sticking single cycle waves in there and I am partial to a gritty bass line myself. Gave me loads of ideas. Don't know if you have heard of Adventure Kid but he has loads of single cycle waves on his website, thousands in fact.

  • The problem with large single cycle collections is two fold.
    1 You will find huge crossover in the cycles and hundreds will sound so similar, there is no point having them.
    2 You spend so much time looking through them, music goes out the window.

    I am not saying don't do it, by all means if that is your thing, but after a lot of years messing with cycles, I personally am getting to the point where it is easy to have your standards (Sin/saws/squares/triangles and such) and then create a few folders and start to name them per genre, so i will build up a folder of Neuro cycles, so i can just pick a random one and go.

    I have three folders of 100 cycles that i drew myself and didnt name like that, they were my standards for years, but now they just annoy me, so im going to name them better haha
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