Don't Delete Banks in 3.0.5

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I guess people must not be doing this, or someone would have said something. If you delete a bank, no matter what bank you delete, it will get weird. Banks will start having an identity crisis, and other odd things will happen, and there's nothing you can do to fix it besides load a save from before you deleted a bank. Try not to delete banks until you hear otherwise. Clear the contents instead.


  • Thanks for confirming, @StudioES!

  • Thanks for this report @ronji -- investigating this, top priority!


  • Thanks @ronji

    Any idea what happens if you save the session after deleting a bank?

    I can't say for certain, but I think I may have deleted a bank and later saved the session (quick save) without noticing the glitch you demo'd above.

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  • @tk32 If you save the session, then you are stuck =c not sure if the fix will recover a sessions bank structure, so perhaps we'll have to wait and see! I saved two test sessions just to find out. =)

    @mathieugarcia Yay!

  • So, this bug was fixed in 3.0.6, and just so you know, previously saved sessions with this problem were fixed as well. I saved two sessions, including the one from the video above, and both have all banks working.

  • Thanks for investigating the fact this is completely resolved @ronji

    I've been too scared to delete banks for the last fortnight ;)

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