Bad stem export bug

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Hello all, when trying to export individual bank stems the first half second or so is cut off, making this (very much needed) feature useless to me. Please advise what to do, and please fix this Intua!

Running iOS 11.2.2 on mini 4, 48k in BM3, does this all the way up to 1024 latency


  • I just tested exporting individual stems from tracks in a session, and again with normalize turned on, but I don't think I'm getting the problem you're getting. Could you share some screenshots or even a screen recording of the session and the resulting stems? Could it be due to some fx on the tracks?

  • Pretty busy over next couple of days but I’ll get a screen recording up ASAP. The bass track I exported has no fx on it, but the other track has 2 aufx on it

  • @GaiaTree is the bass an AU or IAA, or is it sample based?

  • Bass is Mood AU , other track that is glitching is Beathawk AU with FAC chorus AU and Zero Reverb AU

  • @GaiaTree glitching as in delayed/faded start, or something different? I have BeatHawk but none of the other stuff, so I don't think I'll be able to replicate this one. Have you noticed this issue with any other sessions? I'd try Mood alone in a new session to see if it happens there too.

  • Yeah it’s a delayed and faded start, along with a strange noisy distortion on the Beathawk track right at beginning. Almost sounded like a really bad artifacty timestretch just for a split second.

  • I accidentally deleted these projects, but if it happens again ill report back

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