BM3 stability verging on unusable / frequent crashing

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I’m loving BM3 but am also becoming increasingly frustrated with crashes. Feature wise I don’t really have any requests other than rock solid stability - I want to be able to tap all over the place and get into a flow, but right now it’s almost impossible.

• If the playhead is moving and I try to load another project, guaranteed hard crash every time
• Even if the playhead isn’t moving, loading projects is very unstable withr frequent crashes
• The app crashes often when adding a new bank
• Too many other hard crashes to mention

I have tried hard resetting the ipad, ram reset etc with no results. 2017 ipad pro 12.9” 256 gb / ios always up to date. Also these issues occur regardless of the complexity of a project, it could be something with one audiotrack and one pad in a bank for example.

I hope stability is a real focus moving forwards rather than new features. Thanks for your hard work @mathieugarcia!


  • I have had non of these issues in any of the situations you mention, but then you haven't really given enough information to follow up on.

    Loading projects instability, what sort of samples(bit depth, sample rate, lengths) ?
    Are there any IAA or AU involved ?

    Sorry i got bored after a minute and half, but i loaded new projects with playhead moving a ton of times, as you can see, no crash.

    Crashes when adding new banks, do you mean loading a saved bank, if so what is contained in the bank (see above)
    If you just mean when adding a new empty bank, I have three here and add banks all the time with zero issues, and this has never been reported even once by the multitude of users using this forum, so this would definitely point to your particular iPad having issues.

    Too many other hard crashes to mention, if you can't give details they can't be tracked down, so give as many details as you possibly can.

    I dont wish to be the bringer of bad tidings, but when a lot of users are not getting these issues (which they dont seem to be) then other possibilities should be looked at like your particular iPad, it may be worth a full IOS and apps reinstall if it all continues but nobody else is having the same issues.

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    Fair enough, I didn’t link to any videos so here’s one example of the crash when opening a project while the current project is playing. I should say this happens regardless of whether or not the project has to search for samples on launch, as in this video.

    The new bank tab crash happens with just pressing the + to create a new bank. Difficult to pinpoint when.

    I only use auv3 plugins not AB / IAA, and it happens regardless of the sample rate. I should also say it’s the newest 12.9 pro and have been using it every day since october with no other issues in any other app than bm3. I have 180gb free on the disk too. Reinstalling the iPad and all apps from scratch is definitely not an option.

    The other frequent crashes I’m getting are just random and always result in losing work even with the auto save version. Will try to see a pattern if I can but there seems to be some kind of core instability.
    I’ll try to upload more videos when I have time.

  • Hopefully somwbody with the new 12.9 can chime in and do tests, trust me @mathieugarcia in particular (main developer) does not like BM crashing.

  • Perhaps a database rescan or hard reset in BM3 settings should be done next? I’ve never had these issues with my 2015 iPad Pro 12.9. Would suck if it has something to do with the 2017 iPad Pro.

  • @willhindson Sorry to hear about the crashes you're encountering. Would you be able to send a session and the problematic bank at ? Don't forget to save the samples along.
    Thank you!

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    No problem @mathieugarcia, I appreciate it's a complex debugging situation. Unfortunately the crashing happens irrespective of session (when loading sessions or when creating new banks) so it's not a problem with a particular session. I'm currently doing a full backup of bm3 data, will delete and reinstall to see if it helps. I have been using it since the day it came out so I don't know if all the upgrading and creating sessions with different versions could possibly have caused instability? In any case will report back

    Aside: the loading projects crash seems to occur most frequently when double tapping on a project name to load rather than tapping "open" once a project is selected.

  • @willhindson no problem, if you find a reliable way of reproducing the crash, just let me know. We have multiple bug fixes available in the upcoming 3.1 update. If your bank preset had a high memory footprint (lots of samples loaded in RAM, not in disk streaming), this could be one of the issue we've managed to resolve.


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