OT: Cubasis 2.5 just dropped

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A bit off-topic, but some might like to know.

Biggest new features seem to be better resolution UI support for 10.5 and 12.9 inch, and file browser support

Release notes (from Steinberg forums):

What’s New in Cubasis 2.5

Native Resolution Support for iPad Pro 10.5″ and 12.9″:
Enjoy razor-sharp graphics and text, paired with a dramatic increase in the number of visible tracks within the arranger and mixer, substantial workflow improvements and much more!

Freely assignable effect slots:
Use the pre-loaded award-winning channel strip and StudioEQ effects, or simply tap to replace them with other effects of your choice. And give your sound a good polish, utilizing the five assignable insert plug-ins per track.

MediaBay multiple file import*:
Cubasis provides excellent and unmatched usability, helping you to capture your inspirations right there on the go. To speed up your workflow even more, Cubasis 2.5 allows to import multiple files at once, thanks to its revised Files import feature available in the MediaBay.

*MediaBay multiple file import requires iOS 11.

...and these are the bugfixes:

  • CB-4393 Channel strip plug-in is now available in every insert, send and master effect slot.
  • CB-4303 Audiobus SDK has been updated to version 3.0.4.
  • CB-4483 Having "Background Audio" enabled no longer leads to battery drain, while Cubasis is running and the iPad goes to sleep mode.
  • CB-4431 Choosing available M4A bitrates now works as expected again.
  • CB-4187 Solves a problem, where renamed AU tracks are not correctly remembered when reloading a project.
  • CB-4391 Addresses a serious issue, where pasting audio events could lead to lost audio files.
  • CB-3761 Resetting time stretch no longer leads to overlapping attack/release lines.
  • CB-4283 Solves a problem with incorrect mute status when duplicating a muted audio track.


  • It’s pretty cool. I was on the beta team. It was tough not being able to shout from the hills how good it’s getting what with their nda. Cubasis is the dogs bollox. But b3 is the don.

  • I'm a bit bloody underwhelmed, TBH.

    I was expecting things like re-routable midi, mixer buses, built-in sampler, etc.

    All they give me is file browser support, which has been in most other apps for ages now.

  • @tk32 I agree! I woke up this morning and saw the announcement, read it and was like mehhhhh. Aside from that, it's a great app, solid design and UI but I'm definitely more of a BM3 user.

  • BM3 raised the bar so high and I am quite happy to be 'all in' with it (for the most part ;) ) The only thing from Cubasis I would want in BM3 is the standard 5 point audio edit kind of traditional daw system.

  • There's a couple things I still like/prefer about Cubasis, but like @Audiogus says.. all this really proves is that we picked the winning horse when we switched to B3.

  • Still the best straight linear DAW on IOS.

  • Several times I did a BM3/Cubasis hybrid project and while there was an initial advantage I eventually found myself wishing I stayed all Bm3. If I ever know I will be going straight to desktop in the same sitting then yes I would start in both, export all the stems from both and finish in desktop. I just never get that continuous chunk of time anymore.

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    If I worked with vocals and live instruments more I'd be much more enamoured with Cubasis.. but as a midi-based AUv3 & sampling junkie there's just no contest

  • For me personally, Cubasis piano roll is vastly superior, probably just me though, i despise B3 piano roll currently.

  • I really like the midi part editor's modifier keys, like the ones that restrict time/pitch/length adjustment - but we've made these comparisons many times before on these forums.

  • Yah Cubasis piano roll/automation draw on is bitchin goodly dynamite.

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    @tk32 the higher screen resolution was quite a biggie for many people particularly those with 12.9s.
    The fact that there is a linear daw on a small handheld device as advanced and stable as cubasis is still surprising to me. It’s so smooth and yes it doesn’t have full blown desktop functionality, but it really is not that far off in the grand scheme of things. And all for £25. But like @Audiogus said, if b3 could just nail that timeline audio editing side of things, and duplicate tracks, reorder tracks etc all those really small basic niggly things, but that all really add up in making an app superior, then b3 would be untouchable.

  • The update did not tempt me to purchase it. Sticking with BM3.

  • I still get all kinds of vibe killer midi timing and quantise issues and occasional weird phenomena with bm3. Half the time I just abandon what I'm doing. Lost count of how many battle entries I've deserted... Cubasis feels sturdier. But it's also totally uninspiring compared to BM3... Hopefully 3.1 tightens BM3 up a little in those areas, it's light years ahead in terms of vision and inspiration... Only main thing from cubasis I'd like to see in BM3 is the timestrech/pitch audio clips direct in timeline view, but that sucks in Cubasis too cos its offline, so maybe not :/

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    Cubasis is for one thing.. solid and stable as I’ve seen on IOS .. BM3 has some great ideas and tools, but not stable enough.

  • Whatever you think about this particular update, I'm impressed that they've been giving us a steady stream of free updates/upgrades since 2014. That's great value :)

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    Thanks for keeping it real @brambos and shame on me.

    On no other platform would we expect £25 to entitle us to 4 years of incremental updates and new features. It seems to me this whole app payment model will have to change in the future.. possibly to subscription?

    I'll look forward to your Medium post on this topic, perhaps ;)

    Having said all this... I do love it when an old app I purchased suddenly gets AUv3 support. Feels like Christmas came early!

  • To be fair it is a gateway drug loss leader for Steinberg, the product they want to sell you is certainly not £25 hahaha, and their IAPs are generally horrible, so lets not get too excited here.

    Great software, free update, great stuff.

  • I was about to say I imagine this is more a taster for people to hopefully move to the desktop version which is simply an absolutely stunning daw. but that’s where they make the real money

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