Getting rid or move the floating controls over plugins

Hello, just installed BeatMaker. So far great app! Used my laptop with ableton before, and used to have an iPad long time ago, and have old apps from that time. Like the Korg iPolysix and ims-20. My question is, how can I get rid or move the floating window with the play/record/bm3 buttons that display over the plugins? Some other apps have a different window, that has the option to fold away, like with the Korg Animoog.
See in the pictures. Have been searching but can’t find anything.
Thanks for the help!



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    That display, where it's placed, and whether it can be dismissed is up to the plugin developer. Some apps have it and some don't. No AUv3 apps have it, only IAA/Standalone apps. It's meant to be a convenience for controlling playback and record, and for switching back to the host app.

    It's not under BM3's control. I don't believe you can do anything about it in the Korg apps. Stupid, I know. Unfortunately, that's an issue you'd need to take up with Korg.

  • Thank you for the answer! At least it makes it clear now, thanks!

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