Breakbeat #1 - Amen Brother - The Winstons

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here's a thread to talk about one of our favorite breaks, and things related to it.

I've put together a bank with the sample sliced in BM3, saved to aif (to preserve slices), and chopped up across 32 pads. each pad has two layers. layer one has timestretch turned on, layer two has timestretch turned off, and each set of layer's gain is mapped to a macro (from -inf to 0db) to switching between (stretched on macro 2, unstretched on macro 3), depending on the bpm or feel you prefer. all pad layers have tune mapped to macro 1, and fine tune to macro 5. there's some reverb on the bank, some sv filters, and an eq (none of which really need to be there, nothing special going on with them). I've included a few patterns which might be helpful to some. the straight chopped pattern could be quantized and split between the first and second parts of the break. pad 33 has the full sample aif, for offset key sampling or whatever use. I've also added some fun pads for a stopped record, spinback, and super stretched hits (300 BPM is the max), as well as a ghost snare hit. All of this stuff has been chopped and modulated in BM3, so perhaps you'll find some inspiration here too. =) - Ronji

I'd love it if anyone had any input or improvements to make to it.



  • It's totally dope - THANKS for the share @ronji :D

    quick video: Nov 11, 6 35 23

    I'm liking it with zero stretched gain, around 98bpm and detuned af -
    I can also see using this in a live jam and playing with the tuning macro WAY TOO MUCH <3

    Gonna say it again - it's totally dope :)

  • Word, thanks for the feedback, and the demo vid @DeanDaughters! Glad you're digging it!

  • Ok love the Amen beats. But so I am a dolt and when I unzip this to BM3 it loads like the whole song to each pad instead of the individual samples?

  • @chaztrip said:
    Ok love the Amen beats. But so I am a dolt and when I unzip this to BM3 it loads like the whole song to each pad instead of the individual samples?

    Never mind. These aren’t the droids your looking for.

  • @chaztrip Glad you're loving it, and glad you seemed to figure it out! =) Got any questions about the bank, samples, patterns, or anything?

  • Ummmmm..... This is like the most fun EVER to finger drum the bejezzus out of <3

    I was whomping the pads on my ipad so much, that I just hooked up my launchpad pro and MIND BLOWN. 20-11-06 QZEW 1920x1080

    THANKS @ronji for this kit!!!!

  • Hell yeah Dean!!! This is why I made this bank! I definitely gotta hook up my pad controller and have some fun with it as well =)

  • Dean Amen brother

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  • Nice, @5pinlink! Did you extend the sample and fade it out, or something else? I’m trying to emulate your effect using AHD but of course can’t get it right =)

  • Thinking maybe loop a bit of the sample along with some AHD/SR and perhaps some pitch envelope??

  • Nope it is way simpler than that (although its a bit crappy to do it in Beatmaker right now)

  • Heres a hint, I invented this technique on the Amiga 500 in about 88/89 when I read a big piece in a magazine about how the Roland D50 worked.
    Showed it to a few other producers on the hardcore scene in London 90/91 (long story) and now it is used by a ton of the oldschool producers but nobody ever talks about it hahahaha.

    Back then i was still pretty clever with all this stuff haha.

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    Reminds me of school days in the early 90s when I'd spend all weekend making hardcore/jungle tracks on Pro tracker and Octamed on my brand new Amiga 600.
  • I really want an Amiga 600 badly lol

  • I'll check in the loft for you next time I visit the old folks... but I suspect mine is knackered.
  • I can fix a knackered one, finding one second hand right now is like rocking horse s**t since the Vypr got released !!

    I just want one for my AMAS II that i have on a shelf.

  • Sorry, Vampire, Vypr was the old 1200 boards.

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    Yeah you are really over thinking it, in Maschine its three clicks, in beatmaker there are a couple of extra drags n clicks but no looping is involved haha

  • Maybe I'll figure it out eventually ;)

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    To be fair i did it on a hit that actually needed a couple of tweaks after doing it, because it has a sort of scoop sound on the end that you definitely dont want.

    Heres your final clue..
    D50 and WSA shows that the most important part of ANY sound is the attack, with 99% of drum hits it is the only important part ;)

    (Don't give it away when you get it, I have given plenty of clues haha)

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    I changed the title of the thread, hope thats OK @ronji ?
    Just wanted a title that can be used for each breakbeat we do.

  • That works!

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    Quick tip that people might appreciate here..

    Using @ronji 's Amen kit, switch on Alternating loop mode and give the global amp envelope a 200ms release tail. This is a quick and dirty way to bridge the gap between transient slices when the track's tempo and sample tuning are not quite in perfect harmony (so long as you keep the polyphony set to 1).
    Bonus tip - this technique also enables you to create some nice bouncing Amen hats and snares by holding certain notes.

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    Created a quick small (175kb) Jungle kit from @ronji sample (saved it as a session so the pattern loads straight away, just save as a bank if you want to reuse) Jungle Kit

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    Thanks - and I don't want to sound ungrateful... but only 4 one-shots? :(

    They are quality processed one shots, with lovely tails... but stop teasing us, and give us the good stuff

    Technically, there's more meat in a McDonald's Happy Meal

  • If you need more than 4 make more ;)
    Sorry but I don’t roll with the “throw the kitchen sink at it” ethos, never have.

  • I can add the crash if you want hahaha

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