BM3 Battle 17 - Back to the early 90s (Deadline: 3 March)

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Firstly - thanks for the votes everyone, it was an honour to win Battle 16 against such a strong set of entries.

So for this month, the theme is...

Back to the early 90s

No genre restrictions, just make your track sound like it was made between 1990-1994


  1. Track must be made with BeatMaker3
  2. All plugins (AUv3 etc.) are allowed — includes synths, instruments, audio effects and midi effects too
  3. Try to make your track sounds as authentically early 90s as possible. Think about the types of drums and effects that were popular at the time.
  4. NO REMIXES - original work only (though sampling other tracks is fine).
  5. Mastering in external apps (or desktop) is allowed
  6. All entries must be submitted here in this thread by the end of Sunday 3 March

Good luck everyone - I hope to hear a wide range of styles and submissions, ranging across house, rave, proto-trance, jungle, golden age hip hop etc.


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    Feel free to add images and videos here that may help spark inspiration.

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    Here's some inspiration

    Logic - Blues for you

    Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez presents The Bucketheads - The Bomb

    Bizarre Inc - Playing with Knives

    A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

    Nas - The World is yours

    Ice Cube - It was a good day

    Orbital - Chime

    Hardrive - Deep Inside

  • Can I submit one I've already made?

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    Lol @The_Bro - you should have kept that quiet and pretended you made it this month!

    New tracks only please... Part of the challenge is that you only get 4 weeks to make it.

  • Hey guys, I’m new to the game. BM3 as a DAW for sure, but are 3rd party AUs (Instruments and FX) allowed? Just got my new ipad last week and I think this would be a great chance for me to delve deeper into BM3.

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    One of my favourite Vocal House tracks from the 90s. B)

    This one was pretty huge over here in Germany in the 90s.

  • Hi @WatchThemKraut

    Yes, AUv3 plugins are definitely allowed :)

    I've updated the instructions to make this clear

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  • So yea I’m sorry but I got many that I think sounds like 90s cuz 90 drums is what I love to play. I was born in 90 so kinda young the first go around. But honestly love souls of mischief, Hieroglyphics, and other dope 90s era groups. I personally like the sound better and think Lyricisms was a must all across the board not just in certain music u gotta dig for today.

    The first video I made cheap drums on computer. The next three are me playing the loop. But actually this is a good opportunity for me to make better drums to the first one cuz that’s what I was playing to do in first place... thx

  • Wondering if this beat qualifys. It’s my newest and I like it but might not be as 90s. I’m playing the drum loop.

  • Hi @CyMpAL_MuZnIQuE - I’m pleased you’re interested in joining the battles. The objective is that we set a theme, and then everyone gets 4 weeks to create a track using that theme, from start to finish.

    It’s great that early 90s suits you, and that you already have tracks in this style, but I’m afraid you’re going to need to create something new if you want to enter (just like I said to The_Bro a few posts back).

  • Alright cool sounds good. Ill delete them cuz yea did take into account the 4 weeks we have lol sounds good. I’ll create something new. Thanks

  • 93 til infinity would be a good name for this theme iol if u need one. Dope album. That’s when ya lost lol

  • Honestly @CyMpAL_MuZnIQuE is a machine right now with releases, Ive been loving his stuff, looking forward to his battle entries.

  • @winconway thx bro it always feels cool when people like em cuz idk way but I try and send my tunes to like actually friends and my bro. U know try to get a little feed back and they never even say shit not even that sucked or pretended to listen. But then there’s quite a few people online that I don’t even know but seem to like em. Yea we share the hobby of beat making. But pretty much all the younger people share the hobby of hip hop.... but o well. I’m just glad some peps be digging it. 🤘🏽Helps keep me buildin and learning... I do like the final product but the process not that fun to me and if nobody was liking anything i might have stopped lol... but anyway ✊🏽 Keep beat ballin hard. Lol I’ll try to keep Em Rollin and hopefully still turning out alright. Are you gonna enter a beat also 4 this challenge WinCon?

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