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  • The most advanced studio on ios thing is slowly becoming not so true
  • And then still one must much longer until cubasis decimates bm2
  • MicGee$ September 24
    The most advanced studio on ios thing is slowly becoming not so true

    Maybe, maybe not. BM2 is an essential part of my workflow now. Even though 2.5 is coming, I could use the current version indefinitely. I also purchased cubasis when it came out and promptly deleted it. I'll always have that option though!
    I am not working solely in iOS, though, so my situation is probably not the norm around the iOS music world...
  • So how exactly would cubasis decimate bm2? I mean does cubasis have as good a sampler as BM2?
  • Well I always wanted there to be an option that when recording audio into beatmaker 2 or any other app that allows you to do loop recording, that can automatically stop the recording once the set amount of bars pass. This will be a very useful feature because once you record a loop you don't end up stoping the recording too early or too late and thus ending up with a loop that is a little shorter or longer than you intended.

    Another feature that I think would be useful is one where once you press the recording button to stop a recording, the play action of the song stops entirely as well and the other app being recorded into is left paused.

    Now Im not sure if these features are possible, but I believe they should be able to be turned on and off for people that may not want to use them if they are considered and think they would make recording into BM2 as well as a few other apps a lot more smooth.

    *Repost since there are two of these threads for some reason*
  • Inter-App Audio and MIDI support please.
  • @subsonic - BM2 already has one of the most thorough MIDI implementations of any app
  • Yeah, I know. I meant MIDI though "Inter-App Audio".

    Just saw this:

    "BeatMaker 2.5 is about to be reviewed by Apple, in the meantime we are thrilled to share some insights about this great free update !
    ► Apple Inter-app audio hosting: Record, sequence and control your favorite audio apps inside and outside BeatMaker 2.
    ► INTUA Sound Store: Get free and paid high-quality extension kits through in-app purchases
    ► MIDI learning directly on the drum sampler pads, and every automatizable controls in BeatMaker 2 (pad note, mixer controls, etc.)
    ► Version 2.5 is fully compatible with the new iPhones 5S/5c and iOS 7
    Here is the full feature list:
    Compatible with Apple iOS Inter-App Audio (iOS7 only, iPhone+iPad) INTUA Sound Store for getting new kits and sound banks MIDI note learn on drum machine: configure each drum sampler exactly like your MIDI controller MIDI Clock and MIDI transport messages improved Quick MIDI CC touch’n'learn on instruments, mixer and effects controls Every instrument will listen on MIDI Channel #1 by default Take-over mode for reading back sequencer automations Looping will no longer reset automations OMNI disabled by default MIDI Clock messages are sent by default Auto-saved sessions (“Last Session”) now saved with project name, in a special directory “Auto-saved Sessions” MIDI configuration templates will now save custom note mapping GM Drum mapping mode in Drum Machine MIDI configuration panel Note length can be edited directly on the pattern editor Missing samples will still be displayed on pads and keyboard mapping editor for easier recovery (prefixed with a cross) Update to Audiobus SDK 1.0.2 Other fixes and enhancements"
  • Its just beyond me why these things remain unchanged.
    Faders on mixer have so little mm of movement, they are nearly worthless.
    60 mm is the musical instrument standard, 100 mm are the pro studio standard for mixing.

    There is a panning problem.

    The keyboard does not switch to useful forms such as scalic keys, nor is there things such as strum etc. all of which would add to the songwriting experience.

    Most of the keyboard engine is I am really confused as to how there are going to be pro quality sounds? Still wanna hear how this is going to happen.

    There is no "guided menu system" so stuff just gets saved all over the place in most cases

    There is no way to enter exact values in things such as volume, pan, instead i have to slide the slider until i get the value i need...and sometimes this is enough to get the anger churning.

    The gui for the effects is like meteor studio...blahhhhhh sucks. You take the 6 band eq, and then you shove it into a 1982 gui that is counter intuitive for a touchscreen? Why?

    Even if you dont keep a record do keep it...and if you havent been saving as, and guiding the folder tree manually to where you need to be could empty the recordings folder and lose alot of your sounds...unwittingly.

    I am no programmer, my hat off to all of you that are, but is it incredibly hard to let a user double click, say the tempo box, and just type in a value? I dont know, i am asking. If so, my appologies. Why can't the gui for the eq be similar to that of fabfilter proQ? I work with at least 10 other ios producers fairly closely...and these are complaints we all commonly have...but for years they are not getting any fixes...i welcome IAA, I welcome midi cc by learn, but now that i have programmed my controller to bm2 the latter is useless, the prior was gonna have to happen anyways to stay relevant. At least this is my thinking.
  • "I am no programmer, my hat off to all of you that are, but is it incredibly hard to let a user double click, say the tempo box, and just type in a value?"

    I didn't see this documented anywhere (maybe I've missed it) but last night I accidentally must have tapped the tempo box and sure enough a windo popped up allowing me to enter a tempo...
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    Graphical compressor like ProC would be nice
    Reordering tracks both in the mixer and sequencer
    Solo button on the sequencer
    Backward compatibility with the current version
  • Simple yet essential for me:

    Midi learn for transport and muting tracks

    Save audio files together with the respective project file in the same folder not root dump

    Allow to delete unused PCM samples as they cause bloat

    Allow to name tracks/see track names in the mixer view

    Thanks in advance.
  • COVERT TO MONO! grrrr
  • oh and an easier way to name/replace samples
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    My #1 feature request: velocity layering of samples for the drum sampler (like you have for the keyboard, except each pad should be able to define its own velocity ranges per sample).

    I really need to trigger different samples for lighter hits vs harder hits.
  • I have a new one that could be very helpful. What about a filter 16 pad mode kinda thing. I know impc has one and I see how it could come in handy when fiddling around with samples.
  • Hopefully intua will update bm2
    I bought a laptop and purchased reason 7....ahhhhhhh much much better.
    I still own bm2 on my ipad4... But I just got tired of waiting on these app devs to make bigger moves. I hope for all of you in here beat maker becomes something a lot more powerful, but I have my doubts it will be in very large increments. Maybe by 2020 beat maker 4 will offer something dope that allows me to do real work in audio on an ipad. If I was y'all I would keep my eye on gadget...Korg is a real music company...already said new stuff is coming including audio tracks...making it a real force to reckon with....also caustic could become quite a monster as well. Good day to you all.
  • Oh yea if anyone is interested has 37 free songs by my band. Enjoy.
  • I hear ya Gee$.. After a disastrous session where I was embarrassed to even have thought to use my iPad, I buckled down and got to the root of my problem- got a used Mac Pro, protools 11&10, and I am also back on reason as well.
    iOS is like chasing the dragon.. No f***ing reason BM2 should suddenly run like shit on my iPad 3 (I don't give two shits about 7.1 either). It's a consumer device designed for consuming, not creating.
    Over at the audiobus "pussiest forum ever" forum now they are saying AB2 won't support iOS 6 even though they warned against iOS 7 since it came out. Bunch of appumulators they are, sitting around talking about every new BS app that comes out, all the while the dev's sit back and count the $$$.
    Anyway, good luck all, I'm out.
  • Would love to see a two column sequencer.... One side is timeline, on other is file browser. I could then drag and drop samples and loops directly into timeline... Where they would get auto time stretched to tempo... Could bash out songs in like 10 minutes this way... Without all the extra work involved in/ create audio track > import audio > > time stretch or rather chop because time stretch via beatmaker process is difficult for me. Select audio segment.. Move
  • HUI so we can use control surface for recording and mixing.
    Should be able to select the transport for midi learn.
    Folders for new projects should be created with sub folders for audio and samples.
    Reorder tracks example: take track #5 and move it to #3
    Track groups
    Song Position Pointer send and receive

  • i'm very sad to hear MicGee$(a very active BM2 user)angry..
    indeed, making music on a tablet has less opportunity than a desktop solution. Making music on the ipad is still on its beginning (c'mon guys let's admit it: the workflow with ab2 or iaa is simply awful), but the feature i can't give up is making music everywhere(expecially in bed)at every time (expecially after midnight) withouth have the pain of waiting 15 minutes to start something. Of course if you buy an ipad to make "professional quality music", is better to save your money and buy a pc or mac or wathever..there are better solutions for it. Still i'm convinced that an ipad has a lot of chance to become a future music platform and not only a mere music toy.

    That said, and returning to the main discussion, in the next BMx release there MUST be a REAL crossfade function like a "normal" DAW acting like an automation feature(like panning, volume etc.) not on the sample!!! it's simply absurd.
  • Okay, my new and up to date wish list:

    1. Ability to copy and paste individual bars between songs
    2. Ability to reorder tracks in the sequencer
    3. Mute and Solo buttons in the sequencer screen

    Would love to hear what might be cooking out there...
  • Adding these to my wish list: In Mixer View, tapping on the icon/track name at the top of each mixer channel should bring up that channel's instrument (as it does for with instruments in Sequencer View). Maybe it's just me, but I caught myself tapping on that and expecting to open up that Instrument to edit it. Also, the main sequencer timeline and MIDI tracks allow for Snap-to-Grid of the start/end points of selection and loop regions, and set the grid resolution. But it seems like that feature is missing in Audio Tracks, even though you're able to set the track's time ruler units to "Bars". Seems like it would be helpful to always have Snap-to-Grid as an option to turn on or off, in all editing modes.
  • here is my list on top of what bm2 already offers:
    1. Kill the dumb keyboard sampler and just offer a keyboard interface for the actual sampler.
    2. Kill the horrid effects and allow Iaa routable effects so we can use whats already available
    3. longer throw faders on mixer
    4. panning that actually works
    5. Save the track audio files in the song folder...oh yea a song folder (fix the filesystem)
    6. PITCH/TIME/FORMANT sample engine similar to samplewiz
    7. On screen velocity system (pad position)
    8. BETTER and MORE FILTER options
    9. RESAMPLE to pad!
    10. SONOGRAPH editting
    11. Internal IP sharing without crashy ass filezilla and cyberduck

  • Oh yea....EASIER audiotracks or quicker in make one push record
    saving templates etc
  • Agree with most of your proposals, but want to add one more "I want":

    Do NOT kill the reverb effect!!!!
    Ok, it's not up to date with current reverbs, BUT it has a certain character I somehow love and use a lot. It can be very retro or garage-like, that's what I absolutely appreciate. Small room reverbs for drum hits e.g.

    Of course no question. Would be good to ADD a really high quality reverb. ADD is the magic word ;)
  • One last one - ability to change tempo mid song would be heaven
  • I've had beatmaker for for about a year now and there are still many things I don't understand how to do.
    I used to make dance music with the old Atari 1040 running cubase with an emax sampler a sequential pro 1 a 909 drum machine all midid up etc etc.......that was back in 92 .
    Over 20 years later after djing ....for many years I now want to make music again and iam .....but I am struggling to understand with out someone to show me ho to use beatmaker .....
    Oh how useful a video forum would be where those who know could respond with a short video of them using the actual program for the benefit of people like me who are not very different screen orientated....I'm not stupid......just a bit like your mum or dad trying to understand it.....
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    One essential thing BM needs is a property for each track, whether audio or midi to nudge the track's entire timing backwards or forwards. This is necessary to create really tight timing even where latency is very low as different sounds have different attack rates. Strings with a slow attack, for example, will sound like they are sitting with the music if you nudge them forward of the beat so that the peak of the attack hits with other, say, percussive sounds. It would also allow for correcting the timing of various other apps (coming into BM via Audibus) that may have different levels of latency. This has always been a feature of midi sequencers going back to notator/cubase on Atari. A case in point: I can't use funkbox using Midi clock simply because it's latency, depite being shortish and consistent creates flams with drums from BM. I would have to go into each track and push the actual notes back by however many ticks to get it all tight. Other than that, BM is damn near perfect and I can't wait to see what BM3 brings. Hopefully the above though. Thanks, Matt
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