Beatmaker 3 feature request

Hi all.

I am still new to Beatmaker 3, but
i think Beatmaker is quite awsome!.

here is some few Beatmaker 3
feature request.

1: arp function.

2: grain synth function on sample!.

3: creative sample track or audio,
editting, that lets you edit the harmonic in the sampled waveform, like wavetable
thing, like halion 6.

4: cubasis midi tools, like eraser, scissor,

5: more articulation, keyswitch


here are some bugs i found in
Beatmaker 3.
i discovered , when doing crossfade loop with reverse, the beatmaker crashes!, etc....

beatmaker crashes when using audiobus 3.

beatmaker crashes / freezes when
choosing audio unit fx.

I see there is some spam in this forum!.


  • Just an FYI ;)

    1 Arp feature tequest here
    2 Granular feature request here
    3 Can you give a bit more detail on this one ?
    4These would be great, the current paintbrush tool is terrible, it only paints in a single line, but when you use it on notes that are already inserted it selects and moves them, horrible behaviour, that should be rethought by the developers.
    5 We need desperately along with Random and Round Robin.

    I can't recreate the crash with looping and reverse, anything else involved ?

    Which AU effects causes crashes and freezing, I only have a few and non of them do that.

    I try to catch the spam as soon as possible, unfortunately i have to sleep now and then hahaha, I keep the developers up to date with the spambots names, not much else i can do.
  • sorry if i sound abit negative!.

    let me begin to say, i have now been trying put and learning the basic plus the more advanced stuff, this way i can be on the same wavelength as other beatmaker users, anyway,
    the AU FX unit crashing is Remaster app!
    I tried other external fx, they works perfect, so
    nothing wrong with Beatmaker, i apologize!.

    About the sampletrack feature, which is something you get when you buy cubase 9.
    Sample track allows you to drop any sampled contents and manipulate the waveform deeply,
    like grandular synthesis etc.
    I would hope for a function that could actually
    let sampled contens, like a audio file, to edit
    the harmonics on the sampled waveform / comtens, you know, like a saw waveform
    has even harmonic (1,2,4,6 , even numbers),
    and morph one waveform to another waveform
    like a wavetable synthesis, ok, i am going to
    far now, i could just have sampled halion and transfer the sampled waveform to beatmaker 3!,
  • I still think Beatmaker 3 is awsome!.
    If it wasnt for cubasis and Beatmaker 3, i
    wouldnt have bougth Ipad!.
  • the Beatmaker does sometimes crash for
    no reason!
    Maybe its because i updated my ipad to
    IOS 11.0.3, i mean expect lots of trouble
    when updating from apple, grrrrrr!.

    Its not a perfect world, my halion, cubase, etc....
    allso crashed!.
  • You are not negative, BM3 is very very very far from perfect, i was hoping that all release for a while would be just fixes for bugs and workflow, but thats not the case, so yeah, you are not negative ;)
  • “unfortunately i have to sleep now and then”.
    I thought moderator was awake 24 hours, 7 days, 1, months, 1 year, ha ha ha.
  • I wish, I might not be so behind on so many projects haha

  • i was posting more text today, only half was posted!, dosent matter, i am writting on iphone, properly thats why?!.

    i forgot to mentioned, the audio unit fx that
    didnt work in Beatmaker is “Remaster “ app.
    Remaster is a mastering tools and has eq, etc...
    Again, not so important, because i am not using
    Remaster much.

    When choosing audio unit fx in Beatmaster,
    atleast 3-4 fx from apple comes up, i did
    try to choose them, but nothing happens!.
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